About Us

We are a married couple and parents to 3 great children who keep us on our toes, as if parenting and marriage aren’t difficult enough we have decided to challenge ourselves even more by working and growing a business together! For decades we have worked locally in sales, marketing & customer service positions and are very excited to use our professional and our personal knowledge to establish a local business rooted in the great community of Campbellville. Our Cannabis Shop will ensure that all our customers are given first-class service whenever they visit our store. Our goal is to provide patient and discreet product information to all community members who may be interested in the industry and in learning more about the benefits of cannabis use.

Our Mission
To build our brand on our core values of top-level customer service and care, providing the highest standards of product quality and offering honesty, integrity & education to our clients while incorporating our growth with community outreach.

Our Vision
To be the local go-to cannabis retailer known for providing a comfortable retail experience, top quality products and for patiently transferring product knowledge to potential buyers and interested community members.